Key Functional Areas

 Assessing and Collecting Stamp duty based on the Market Value.
  • Collecting information from relevant institutions.
  • Opening files according to the collected information.
  • Calling for related instruments including deed, survey plan, building plan etc.
  • Collecting more information through inspections of the properties.
  • Analyzing the collected information.
  • Assessing the market value of the property.
  • Charging the deficit stamp duty if there is a difference between the assessment and the value stated in the deed.
  • Giving opinion of the assessor to determine stamp duty and endorsement done by the assessor.
  • Maintaining good relationship between land registries and notary public.
Motivating tax payers for paying taxes
  • Encouraging tax payers for voluntary compliance on paying taxes.
  • Making arrangements to exhibit information at the department notice boards.
  • Conducting awareness programs for notary public.
  • Making general public aware of the stamp duty through notary public.
  • Making tax payers aware of the importance or paying taxes during the interviews.
  • Making press release.
Bringing down the default taxes.
  • Encouraging tax payers to pay default taxes.
  • Settling appeals and objections of the taxpayers / notary public.
  • Proceedings with legal actions against tax payers who does not comply with paying default taxes.
  • Making every endeavor to percentile reduction of existing default taxes.
Development of the professional Competence of the staff.
  • Identifying the suitable areas for professional training.
  • Preparing a training procedure.
  • Identifying the available resource persons and institutions.
  • Conducting training and human development programs.
Appraising the performance.
  • Implementation of working plan to achieve or exceed the annual targets.
  • Preparing monthly progress report of the collection targets to assess the department performance.
  • Preparing monthly progress report for individuals of the staff.
Good Governance.
  • Functioning the activities in accordance with the government rules and regulations.
  • Making actions to minimize the audit queries.
  •  Bringing down the customer complaints.